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Studio Visit: Scott Solberg

"Scott Sol-Bird" ( in progress) 36 x 48" Oil on Canvas

This weeks studio visit is with NYC Photographer, Far Rockaway Plover Monitor (and great friend) Scott Solberg.  Scott grew up in California, spending his summers in the mountains of North Carolina.  He is an astute observer of nature and

animal whisperer

of all species. I love his photographs because his images suspend immediate resolution- just long enough to require the viewer to look more deeply.

They are magical.

Scott began working as a Piping Plover monitor two years ago and is now beginning his third season.  Plovers normally nest in a section of the beach at Far Rockaway which is still recovering from hurricane Sandy.  When these birds are just hatched, they are about the size of a cotton ball with two little q-tip legs so you can imagine how easily they become prey to other birds, or trampled on by humans.  Protecting these birds really demands an awareness and reverence of the community and that's what this team works to create.  

Solberg is working on a campaign to promote awareness and activism for the Piping Plovers with future installations planned for the infamously yummy Rockaway Taco. They re-open for the season next weekend!!!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out his professional photography site here:

or visit his FB page here.

The more people that know about the Piping plovers the better!

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