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Lives and Works New York City

A 17th c. Beef Bourguignon in Bushwick


Yesterday evening,  a group of 21 framing designers and artists gathered in the graceful and temple-like studio of Quebracho framing in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  

Working, not from a recipe, but from a "story" of a meal created in 17th century France, Pascal Jalabert set out to manifest a  modern day incantation of the historical narrative.  

Jalabert, one of today's most innovative framing designers, was not only the architect of this occasion, but  also for the new Quebracho space.  

When found and purchased by Marcelo Bavaros, the warehouse was only equipped with minimal amenities.  Now, having combined Jalaberts's  vision, and Bavaros stalwart support, this once neglected warehouse has been transformed into a place of reverence and bustling productivity.  It is the  hallowed ground where skilled artisans create frames that honor the works they house.  Truly a rare and nearly extinct practice to see in action.

A pleasant and elegant "shh-ing"  accompanied the evening, even as laughter of friends (old and new) abounded and Edith Piaf resonated from wall to wall. 

This was a magical evening and like the marriage of the frame to art, a brilliant melding of the senses.

Distinctive flavors, personalities, good will and good design.  I am so grateful to be a part of this lovely community.

Thank you Pascal and Marcelo!