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Maria Calandra's Pencil in the Studio

Yesterday evening I had the long awaited pleasure of viewing Maria Calandra's "Pencil in the Studio" drawings.

These delightful selected works chronicle Calandra's  studio visits to other artists' studios.

Calandra's drawings are captivating on multiple levels. The observance and commemoration of the artists workspace, seems to denote it as sacred space. As Calandra poignantly selects the portrait compositions, each artists' space and practice is illuminated with distinction. The rich pencil renderings feel simultaneously studious, intimate, reverent and playful. There is a dual revelation; what we learn about each artist through the composition of their studio, and also the reflections of the person behind the pencil.

Maria's works are currently on view in a solo show at Sardine gallery in Bushwick
I highly recommend getting over to the gallery to check them out in person if at all possible, but you can also take a look at the works here.


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